REVIEW: Third Olympus flick a barely-aware B-movie

I’m sad to report that this sequel has fallen. After two interesting, high-octane installments, it’s finally becoming a weary subject to see a president’s security team fail over and over again.

Poor Morgan Freeman, playing the woefully under-secured president in this threequeel, spends most of the run-time in a coma after an attack on his life, one that left our hero Mike Banning framed for attempted murder and the rest of his team dead.

As Banning (Gerard Butler, grimacing, grinning, lighting up bad guys and delivering some truly awful one-liners) goes on the run and tries to prove his innocence, a manhunt begins to bring him down.

The serious tone of the first two is all but abandoned here, as Angel Has Fallen drops steadily into schlocky B-movie territory. But the problem is Angel is both self-aware but is never quite sure whether to fully lean into the camp factor.

Thus we’re left with cringe-worthy dialogue, unintentionally funny scenes and some of the most logic-defying scenes of the year.

Now, to the good, and the best parts of this movie truly are fantastic. The action sequences are absolutely stunning, Gerard Butler is a reliable action star, and Nick Nolte has a scene-stealing performance as Banning’s off-the-grid father.

While it boasts enough laughs and action sequences to stick the landing, Angel Has Fallen never flies as high as its predecessors.

2.5/5 Stars


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