Post-apocalyptic Survival Box a tale with no intrigue

This dramatic piece about seven high-school age friends who become trapped in an underground bunker they’re partying in is a film with nowhere to go.

It’s as devoid of cinematic depth and lifeless as the bunker — closed off from the real world — and none of the emotion that could have come through the script ever arrives.

They know something has happened outside the bunker, but cannot ascertain what, who’s still left, or if things are safe.

It’s the equivalent of watching seven people bide their time with few major conflicts. They have books to read, each other to talk to, eight months food supply and even a ton of alcohol. In a strange little set of circumstance, many sequences are shot in a “workout” den with a contained treadmill.

I’m not sure I can empathize with people who have the conveniences of every day life underground, and the insipid personalities of the people we’re stuck watching makes things even less interesting.

The plot points are plodding, which is upsetting given the fact screenwriter Ashlin Halfnight worked on Netflix drama Bloodline.

This flick is an exercise in futility, and one becomes exhausted trying to stay awake through it.

1.5/5 Stars

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