REVIEW: 47 Meters sequel flounders compared to original

47 Meters Down was the terrifying, underwater hit of last summer.

It was inevitable we’d get a sequel, and writer-director Johannes Roberts has returned with a pricier incarnation.

Yet, the incredible set pieces and heightened cinematography can’t save 47 Meters: Uncaged from a derivative script.

What begins as a claustrophobic adventure about four girls who swim through into a ruined underwater city of old — only to become stalked in the hunting ground of a group of hungry Great Whites — quickly devolves into a plethora of jump-scares without much substance.

Sometimes less is more, and what made the original so scary was the sense of dread and accomplished filmmaking. It was B-movie, intense scares at their best. Uncaged provides the thrills, and I jumped out of my seat a few times.

It has a pretty awesome end-of-film twist, and some incredible moments, but things get a bit ludicrous. Fans of shark scares and a labyrinth of panicked sequences will enjoy parts of this flick.

The set pieces are incredible and the core performances are steady. But if you’re looking for anything resembling a polished picture, just go back and watch the original.

2.5/5 Stars

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