REVIEW: Crawl brings terror at an alarming pace

Creature features bring a shiver down my spine, and Crawl will go down as one of the best in the last two decades.

The frenetic, frenzied pace of the feature — produced my gore maestro Sam Raimi and directed by Hostel creator Alexandre Aja — puts other crocodile movies to shame.

A B-movie plot filled with grade-A thrills, Crawl revolves around a young woman trying to save her father from their flooded family home during a hurricane. But as alligators infiltrate, the fight against time also becomes a battle for their lives.

The plot is thing, but the characters are far better drawn than could ever be expected. Maze Runner franchise alum Kaya Scodelario is fantastic in the lead role, and Barry Pepper as her father puts in one of his best performances in years.

Crawl is exciting, thrilling and, at times, truly horrific. This is an R-rated thrill ride the whole way through, and they don’t skip out on the gore.

This was the most surprising flick of the summer. I never would have thought an alligators-gone-wild movie would be at the top of my summer favourites list, but here we are.

If it’s still in your local Cineplex, give Crawl a shot. It’ll get under your skin. Guaranteed.

4.5/5 Stars

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