REVIEW: Yesterday a nostalgic, charming summer vehicle

Imagine if suddenly, your favourite band of all time just disappeared. If their music, legacy and impact on the world just vanished into thin air.

What would you do, if you had a decent singing voice and the means to record those tunes all over? Would you do it? More importantly, would you try to explain to those around you this glitch in the matrix?

Chances are you’d do exactly what protagonist Jack Malik here does, when after an accident, he wakes to realize the Beatles have disappeared from the planet, as if they never existed. He begins to remember their lyrics and cover their songs, gaining untold fame when he claims them for his own.

But what begins as a way to remember his idols pushes him to change into the type of man his friends and the love of his life can no longer handle.

Himesh Patel, best known for British series EastEnders, is fantastic here in the lead role. It’s nice to see a young, bright face cast and not the same old ‘it’ actors. Lily Collins is adorable as his childhood friend and romantic interest, and even Ed Sheeran does some pretty fantastic cameo work.

In a hilarious supporting performance from SNL favourite Kate McKinnon as Jack’s manager, she almost steals the show. This is a movie that holds the beloved music of the Beatles on a beautiful pedestal, and integrates it so well into this wonderful story.

Directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle and written by Oscar nominated Love, Actually scribe Richard Curtis, this is by far one of the most endearing, enjoyable films of the year.

Yesterday is the unsung low-budget classic of the summer, and I was absolutely enamoured with it. I pray it finds its audience on digital.

4/5 Stars

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