REVIEW: Gory, self-aware Child’s Play remake breaks no new ground

This remake to the enduring cult classic Chucky films breathes new life into the maniacal doll.

The last few Child’s Play incarnations have been campy and less and less scary. While the remake is decidedly more terrifying and gorier than many of those before it, it certainly doesn’t add anything new to the Chucky canon.

It’s a retread, through and through, of the films before it — with the exception of the final act, which does feature some pretty incredible “gadgets-gone-wild” visual commentary on the scary portions of artificial intelligence.

There isn’t much of a rhyme or reason for making a mediocre remake of a beloved classic, and the filmmakers do little to justify the film’s existence.

But Chucky is hugely creepy, thanks in large part to the impeccable voice work from Mark Hamill, most famous as Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker. He breathes life into this doll and carries much of the film.

Aubrey Plaza, a comedic treasure who takes her first serious turn as the mother of a lonely boy who inherits a Buddi doll named Chucky, is serviceable and not much more. She saunters through the film, not having to do much.

The only really interesting character is that of Detective Norris, played by Bryan Tyree Henry. His comedic timing is perfect in the film, and he proves once again his strong TV work in FX show Atlantic was no one-hit wonder.

Though the film is bloody, self-aware and at times incredibly scary, it really doesn’t amount to much when the whole bloody affair comes to an end.

2.5/5 Stars

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