REVIEW: Con artist DeLorean framed with movie magic

The man behind some of the most innovative cars ever is documented in as much detail as possible here.

John DeLorean, who worked for years at General Motors before opening his own shop, is best known for the Pontiac GTO, Firebird, and the DeLorean, which was modified to feature in film Back To The Future.

He was interesting, enigmatic, but a puzzle. Upon his 2005 death, the full story of his life and work was never fully realized.

Here, with original documentary footage, they explore his successes, bankruptcy and cocaine bust. His rise and fall is seen, and the businessman is also seen in re-enacted footage, with Alec Baldwin playing him.

This hybrid of the footage and documentary work became a pretty incredible, interesting real-life story that’s captured incredibly well. It’s so well-told and so interesting, it’s hard not to fall for DeLorean’s charisma.

4/5 Stars

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