REVIEW: Brightburn looks a bit too faded

It’s pretty unnerving to see the highest concept of the summer flame out in a disconcerting, mediocre film.

Brightburn is about a young man, who crashlanded to earth as an infant, exhibiting strange signs and symptoms years after a family secretly adopted him.

Brandon is a bit of a loner, and some kids in the film call him a freak. But it doesn’t appear he’s any different from the regular, bullied, disillusioned child until about 30 minutes in.

As things around him devolve into chaos, his mother and father fight to keep their secret and keep him safe.

While Brightburn could have been a great film, it stays by-the-numbers and doesn’t stray from either the superhero or possessed kid collection of genre tropes.

Elizabeth Banks is convincing and entertaining as the boy’s mother, but young Jackson A. Dunn is only serviceable, hardly carrying the film.

It’s a gory, bloody affair, but aside from some good kills and unanticipated interesting moments, Brightburn is mostly a flicker on an otherwise grey, boring palate.

2/5 Stars

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