REVIEW: Action doesn’t get any better than John Wick sequel

In a summer of slumping sequels, Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 3: Parabellum blasts bullets across multiplexes North America-wide, proving the rare exception to the rule.

This third in the trilogy that began with the death of an assassin’s dog has spun into a revenge tale for the ages, and the kills and carnage just get more insane.

Keanu Reeves, the Canadian actor with a heart of gold, hadn’t had a true mega-hit since the Matrix trilogy, but with John Wick, the actor has found his niche.

It’s a pleasure to watch him take out bad guys and opponents, as this angel of death takes everyone in his path out with brutal, martial arts-style precision. There’s a gruesome grace to his style, and one that’s unbelievably watchable.

Here, Wick has killed one too many people, and lost favour with the High Table, who govern the rules of this underground assassin ring. Wick came out of retirement to seek revenge, but now he’s excommunicado with a $14-million bounty on his head.

It’s Wick against the world, and as high-ranking official states, the odds Wick comes out of it alive are “50/50.”

The supremely talented assassin must seek refuge where he can and try to get the price tag off his head, with the help of some people who owe him favours.

The returns of Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and the devilishly deadpan Lance Reddick to the film series are welcomed, but it’s the cameos and newcomers that really elevate things.

From gun-toting Halle Berry to a remarkably compelling Anjelica Houston, these two women are a welcome addition back on the big screen.

Also, with Asia Kate Dillon — of TV show Billions fame — and Game of Thrones alum Jerome Flynn, the eclectic cast makes this sequel soar.

Director Chad Stahelski has gracefully directed each installment with wit and unending vigour, and these are a joy to watch — if you can handle the gore.

Parabellum is the most thrilling, interesting entry yet, and Reeves has truly found his most interesting character. This is by far the best in the series, and a testament to just how good a sequel can be in the right hands.

4.5/5 Stars

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