REVIEW: Secret Life sequel produces smiles, but can’t recapture original’s magic

The runaway animated hit Secret Life of Pets delighted adults and children alike in 2016.

It imagined the motivations for the insane, hilarious things our animals do, and followed the misadventures for instantly-lovable characters.

Max (now voiced by Patton Oswalt after Louis C.K.’s ouster) ambles through life protecting the humans he loves, nervously avoiding difficult scenarios and bringing a responsible sensibility among his feline and furry friends.

With him is doggy Duke (Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet), as well as neighbouring rabbit Snowball (hilariously voiced by  Kevin Hart) and more.

In this sequel, Max finds himself protecting a new human as his family welcomes a son Liam, and when they vacation to visit a great uncle in the country, he and Duke go along for the ride.

Left behind to protect the home are the superhero-obsessed Snowball and the other animals.

New voice actors Harrison Ford and Tiffany Haddish are hilarious and add a ton, but this Chris Renaud-Jonathan del Val feature does little to explain the need for a sequel.

It’s certainly nice to see the gang back together, but the film is neither uproariously funny nor offers nothing new for viewers to adore. It’s easily digestible, but I wouldn’t be clamouring for a trilogy here.

3/5 Stars



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