REVIEW: High Life is a dazzling downer

High Life is the kind of concept-driven arts piece film that will cater to the film snobs and existentialists in all of us.

It’s a dreary. visually striking film that meanders along at a snail’s pace, and squanders a plot that could have been interesting.

In a future world where felons are sent to space on a no-going-back mission and experimented on, this is a twisted, dark macabre piece that is equal parts frustrating and absolutely stunning.

Director-writer Claire Denis brings forth some of the most unforgettable, unimaginable sequences — some you’d rather forget — in a film that spends three-quarters of its run-time building to a climax that falls like a drum.

The saving grace is Robert Pattinson, who is truly spectacular and proves once again he’s more than just a pretty face. He re-teams with Cosmopolis co-star Juliette Binoche, who has never been so deranged. The two of them, in demented tandem, hold this strangely engrossing film together.

The truth is, the twists and turns of this out-of-this-world, isolating flick proved too much for me. But I can see the beauty and effort in every frame. For that, at least, I was thankful.

Next time someone complains Pattinson can’t be Batman, though, they can check this one out for proof he can do exactly whatever he puts his mind to.

2/5 Stars

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