REVIEW: Intruder thrives on Dennis Quaid’s menacing performance

The Intruder is slow-burning, summer movie proof that one single performance can lift an entire film up.

When a young married couple buy a remote, countryside mansion on several acres from a single widower, they get more than they bargained for when he has trouble letting go.

The Intruder has been done a dozen times, and done better, but what holds the film together is an off-kilter, go-for-broke performance from Mr. Nice Guy himself.

Dennis Quaid has spent his career as a nice guy with a bright smile — from A Dog’s Purpose to The Rookie, Soul Surfer and even Disney remake Yours, Mine & Ours.

Even his action roles cast him as the protagonist, pitted against evil or trying to stop a tragedy. He even plays the victim home-owner terrorized himself by Stephen Dorff in 2003’s Cold Creek Manor.

Now, at 65, Quaid gives his most nuanced, creepy and against-type performance in decades as Charlie, a seemingly good-natured seller who might not be as motivated to leave his family home as originally thought.

Michael Ealy and Meghan Good play well as the unknowing couple that eventually realize the sheer horrifying presence of veteran actor Quaid.

This is a serviceable thriller made great by Quaid, and Quaid alone. See it for his insane performance alone.

3.5/5 Stars

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