REVIEW: Maida-Kreviazuk documentary will have your toes tapping even as you tear up

The marriage of Canadian songbirds Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk is explored in excruciating detail in this documentary, and there’s been no more affecting film so far this year.

Maida, of Our Lady Peace, and Kreviazuk got married in 1999 and have three sons. They’ve been candid about their relationship struggles before, but in I’m Going To Break Your Heart, they put things on full display.

The couple get away together to work on new music, attend therapy sessions and work on their relationship, and we see all the little details, intimate, difficult and emotional.

Directors Annie Bradley and Jim Morrison make a film that neither shies away from the struggles of the couple, nor cuts a film together that drums up only the dramatic, conflict-ridden moments.

There’s an honesty to the material that will pull you in. As you see the love they both still share and their struggles to express themselves, it becomes an existential journey as they find music as a way to say all the things they want to each other.

This is a truly incredible piece of work, and a sincere, emotionally raw effort. This is a look into the lives of Canadian royalty under a lens rarely used or allowed by the subjects.

It’s a terrific film, and one that doesn’t take any easy routes out. That, even if it’s painful, is so commendable.

5/5 Stars

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