REVIEW: Mia & her white lion lack ferocity

Mia & the White Lion is a serviceable, enjoyable little family film.

But to give it any more credit than that would be disingenuous. It’s a mediocre film elevated by beautiful animals and locales.

The plot — seemingly ripped from the pages of a National Geographic reject article — doesn’t have an ounce of originality.

It revolves around a London girl who moves to Africa when her family begins taking care caged animals.

The girl, the Mia in the aforementioned title, falls immediately for a particular lion cub, and their bond must transcend the animal’s nature as it grows older and bigger.

The performances, particularly from young Daniah De Villiers, are wonderful. She is the film’s best asset, and sure to become a star.

It certainly helps she’s joined by consummate professional Melanie Laurent, one of my current favourite actresses.

Mia & the White Lion is a good film that could have been great. It will excite your senses and is visually stunning.

One only wishes an equally adequate amount of time was spent creating a substantive plot.

2.5/5 Stars 

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