REVIEW: Grizzlies an intimate portrayal of suicide that hits home

The Grizzlies was a special presentation at last year’s 2018 FIN Festival here in Halifax, and played to great fanfare.

I missed that screening, but watching The Grizzlies eight months later, it still has a breathtaking impact.

It’s an incredible tale of a real-life small Arctic town and the native inhabitants struggling with the many suicides of their youth.

The town — which had the highest suicide rate in North America — shows how the introduction of lacrosse to students by a new teacher gave them purpose and a lust for competition.

The story is a truly empowering one to watch, and the emotional components astounding.. This directorial debut from Anne producer Miranda de Pencier is an assured, confident film that resonates.

The performances are, as a general rule, fantastic, with the odd exception.

But this is a film that stands as one of the most difficult to watch this year, but one of the most necessary.

This is filmmaking at its most passionate, and it deserves as large an audience as possible.

4.5/5 Stars

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