REVIEW: Little’s top-notch cast provide few laughs

Body transformation comedies are tried-and-true money makers, and Hollywood defaults for comedic gold.

And yet, there’s nothing worse than a film that not only borrows its premise from hundreds of films before it, but squanders the inherent opportunities of the sub-genre.

Little has it all: a capable writer-director who already had a hit this year with What Men Want, an unbelievable female cast, and a pre-summer release date.

But it fails on so many levels it’s hard to believe. Regina Hall, Insecure’s Issa Rae and heralded network sitcom Black-ish child star Marsai Martin are all unbelievable actresses.

Little is about a former bullied girl who becomes a successful tech giant (Hall). But with her success and adult beauty comes a rage and rude nature, and she terrorizes her entire office day-in, day-out.

When a spell is cast and she becomes her former, 13-year-old self, she has to become a better person and learn a few lessons to change back, with the help of her embattled assistant (Rae).

And yet, all these wonderful actresses are given next to nothing to work with here. The jokes are unfunny, the humour is often crude, and Regina Hall’s character is so irredeemable that we don’t ever really care if she switches back.

There are two or three fantastic moments, and Martin stands out here, but there’s not much else to see.

1.5/5 Stars

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