REVIEW: McConaughey keeps The Beach Bum afloat

Matthew McConaughey has gone from drowning in rom-com purgatory to being one of the best, most versatile actors of his generation.

The Oscar Winner has enjoyed a flat-out decade of interesting characters and a chameleon-like demeanour, even if the films he stars in aren’t always first-rate.

Here, McConaughey is the crowning jewel of shock director Harmony Korine’s soulful, ultimately satisfying comedy.

But make no mistake, without the high-spirited Texan on-board, this story of a stoner who must make his own way when his rich wife passes would not be able to just float by.

It’s McConaughey charismatic performance as one-hit wonder author Moondog — content to drink, smoke and screw his way through like with little fear for consequences — that brings The Beach Bum all its gravitas.

Miles better than Korine’s last film, Spring Breakers, it’s a breeze, inconsequential film that makes viewers love it based on performances alone.

Zac Efron is unhinged as a friend Moondog meets in sober living, Snoop Dogg is nothing short of hilarious as his head-shaking friend, and Jonah Hill may as well be an extra from Jerry Maguire as Moondog’s skeezy agent.

But it’s the power from his wife, Isla Fisher, and a welcome comedic performance from mostly-forgotten comic Martin Lawrence that bring this thing full circle.

Make no mistake, Moondog and McConaughey are the movie, but he sure does get by with a little help from his friends.

3.5/5 Stars

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