REVIEW: Us is scary as hell and mesmerizing in every way

Jordan Peele follows up his unique masterpiece Get Out with this intricate, incredible film.

After a young family heads out for a beach vacation, they become terrorized by a group of their own evil doppelgangers.

This high-concept thriller follows the events of the night as the different doppelgangers go after their counterparts. But there’s much more lying under the surface than Peele let’s on in the beginning.

Continuing on with his original, incredibly eerie style all his own, the comedian has shown with Us his grasp of both social politics and the best ways to scare your audience.

Lupita Nyong’o is terrifying and a revelation as she plays the dual-role of matriarch Adelaide and the doppelganger leader of that dark family.

With great supporting performances from Elisabeth Moss and Winston Duke, Us is a film that requires attention to detail.

You won’t believe the twists throughout the film, but a keen mind will gather the salient points. For everything you miss, Us is so good, through-and-through, you’ll be rushing to see it again anyway.

4.5/5 Stars

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