REVIEW: Hummingbird Project a brilliant Canadian character study

The real strength of a film like The Hummingbird Project is slowly — stealthily — it sneaks up on you.

What starts as a low-profile film about the dream of two stock traders to build a cross-country fiber optic network quickly becomes much more.

It quickly becomes a financial thriller filled with crime, greed, double-crossing and the imperative to be the best in your trade, at any cost.

Director Kim Nguyen, known for breakout Michelle Rodriguez hit Girlfight, as well as indie favourite Two Lovers & A Bear, crafts an intricate ensemble film here.

Jesse Eisenberg does his best work since The Social Network here, and Alexander Skarsgård turns in the best performance of his career. Full stop.

But Salma Hayek — with all her grace and villainy — outdoes them all. This is an incredible financial thriller and one of my favourites from the first half of 2019.

4/5 Stars

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