REVIEW: Five Feet Apart strikes an emotional note

This teen romance about two youth who fall in love despite both having advanced forms of auto-immune disorder cystic fibrosis is heart-wrenching.

Director Justin Baldoni brings nothing fresh to the table when it comes to the tragedy of romantic love, but his execution is flawless.

When Stella and Will meet in the hospital — and despite the former’s best efforts — fall in love, it makes for a romance where the two cannot touch for fear of the contagious nature of their illness and their susceptibility to germs.

However, they make it work anyway, and with Haley Lu Richardson and Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse on board, the leads are in great sync.

It’s trying, difficult tale, even if incredibly by-the-numbers. In a movie landscape that hasn’t seen many love stories this year, this one will sure have you searching for a Kleenex.

3.5/5 Stars

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