REVIEW: Cold Pursuit a guns-blazing, pitch-black funny Neeson flick

Say what you want about Liam Neeson’s personal life, the man has been kicking ass and taking no prisoners on-screen since 2008’s surprise hit Taken.

Neeson continues the trend by releasing this chilly Denver-set actioner for those who like their flicks like they like their coffee: pitch-black.

This is a truly hilarious, sick and devilishly slick action film, though not for the faint of heart.

Cold Pursuit follows the heartbreak of a small-town snowplow driver, who finds questions how well he knew his son, who dies in the initial frames of a heroin overdose.

This remake, based on Norwegian film In Order Of Disappearance, is directed by the original’s helmer, Hans Petter Moland, and you can almost feel his delight as Neeson deadpans his way through the film.

It’s a murky, bloody affair, but as Neeson’s grieving “Citizen of the Year” Nels Coxman does dangerous things to find out the truth about his son’s death, the laughs keep coming.

It truly is Neeson’s most layered performance in years, and as bodies pile up, it also becomes one of his most entertaining.

Full of quirks, sarcastic wit and some great physical comedy, Cold Pursuit turns an otherwise-average Neeson film into one worth recommending.

One only wishes Oscar-nominee Laura Dern had stuck around long enough to make some sort of impression.

3.5/5 Stars

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