REVIEW: Happy Death Day sequel a beautiful genre mashup

The 2017 horror film Happy Death Day was a surprise hit, and the perfect mash-up of comedy and horror.

It made for the chilling, entertaining fare slasher fans woefully needed, and never took itself too seriously.

With this sequel, our heroine Tree once again finds herself being killed over and over in a time loop, and has to solve the mystery of who her assailant is.

The sequel turns out to be almost as good as the original, with an interesting sci-fi bent and a quirky Back To The Future feel.

Jessica Rothe is absolutely hilarious, and she has a huge future in the business. Her comedic timing is perfect, and she brings an energy to the role that makes the film worthwhile.

Similar to Neve Campbell’s charged turn in the Scream films, Rothe has a dynamic way of making you root for her, even when she’s not at her best.

Christopher Landon, who wrote Shia Labeouf’s Rear Window rip-off Disturbia and four Paranormal Activity films, has found his stride here.

Here’s to hoping we can make this a trilogy.

4/5 Stars

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