REVIEW: What Men Want a charming, vivacious remake with a twist

This amusing take on What Women Want, the Mel Gibson rom-com made almost 20 years ago, switches genders and the race of our lead.

It absolutely pays off, with powerhouse Taraji P. Henson stealing the movie and showing she’s one of the most versatile actresses working.

Henson — known for her fierce turn on FOX as ex-con music producer Cookie Lyon on Empire — is a decorated Oscar nominee who lifts this material.

What Men Want doesn’t break the mould, but it comes with just enough raunch, humour and genuine emotion to leave casual viewers satisfied.

Henson stars as a sports agent who can’t break through the boys club at work, but when an encounter with a psychic leaves her hearing men’s inner thoughts, she flips the script.

She is absolutely hilarious here, and director Adam Shankman (Hairspray, A Walk To Remember) injects just enough spark and heart into the film to make it worthwhile.

Tracy Morgan’s face on-screen is a welcome addition after his time off post-car accident, and small-but-mighty turns from Silicon Valleys Josh Brener, Kellan Lutz and New Girl’s Max Greenfield are fantastic.

Major stand-outs, however, are love interest Aldis Hodge and SNL’s Pete Davidson, in a scene-stealing cameo.

It doesn’t break new ground, and it’s overlong by about 30 minutes. It’s definitely not perfect, but What Men Want sure is funny.

3/5 Stars

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