REVIEW: Basis Of Sex a basic Ginsburg biopic with beautiful performances

Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic, On The Basis Of Sex, is a stellar crowd-pleaser with winning performances.

Though it doesn’t offer anything new to discerning filmgoers, the chance to see Felicity Jones own the screen is worth the admission alone.

Jones — an Oscar nominee for The Theory Of Everything and the star of Star Wars prequel Rogue One — has been making waves on-screen for years.

She shows in eclectic maturity here as Ginsburg, and manages to disappear into the role. There’s no disputing Jones, portraying the true story of Ginsburg, a lawyer who fought for equal rights for women, is the driving force.

But if there’s another reason to watch, it’s to see the evolution of once-disgraced Armie Hammer. Previously on the rise for The Social Network, turns in less-than-stellar films J. Edgar, Mirror, Mirror and Disney debacle The Lone Ranger turned him into a Hollywood outcast.

But with Birth Of A Nation, Call Me By Your Name and double-duty in Sorry To Bother You and Basis Of Sex this year, Hammer has officially been called back up to the big leagues.

He’s no match for the sheer force of Jones, but he’s a strong supporting actor as her doting husband Alan, and continues to show range and depth previously unrealized.

It may not tread new ground, but Jones, Hammer, and supporting turns from Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates and enigmatic Sam Waterson enhance the ordinary.

3.5/5 Stars

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