REVIEW: Destroyer is one of the top five films of the millennium

Parker & the Picture Shows

By Jordan Parker

Nicole Kidman’s crooked, crumbling demeanour in new crime drama Destroyer is so visceral —  so moving — that she releases herself upon the world like never before.

As run-down, tortured detective Erin Bell, the only thing that haunts Kidman’s character more than her past is her inability to leave it in the rear-view.

This is the type of intricate, layered revenge drama the likes of which hasn’t been seen on-screen since foreign-language classic Oldboy. With this brutal, intricate & entertaining showing, Destroyer has now become the undoubted, undisputed best picture of 2018.

It may not have been put up for hardware this year, but this year’s Oscar nominations are rendered meaningless due to that lapse by the academy.

When neither Kidman, this film, nor fierce director Karyn Kusama’s vision have landed nominations, it makes a critic wonder if the Oscars are even relevant. Kidman’s performance is nothing short of revelatory, and many other critics agree.

Kidman is transformed here and provides the performance of her career in this moody, gut-wrenching film that hits so hard and with such vigour that you’ll be grasping for air at the end.

Director Kusama, responsible for prior films The Invitation and Girlfight, gives the a film world her crowning masterwork here.

Kidman’s bravura performance in this underrated, scrappy, rage-fueled scene-by-scene triumph will one day become one of our generation’s most unfairly looked over showings ever.

Destroyer, quite frankly, is one of the best films made in 20 years, and it is destined to become a cult classic. Here’s to hoping Kidman gets her due one day for the film performance that eclipsed all the Oscar winner’s other achievements.

She’s on fire here, and this film is nothing short of a modern masterpiece.

5/5 Stars

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