REVIEW: The Favourite a savage illumination of royal betrayal

This 18th century film about a queen who manipulates the emotions and loyalty of two female subjects is one of the most savagely funny films of the year.

Queen Anne, rendered ill, counts on Lady Sarah to help govern the country and make decisions. But their relationship is fractured when young servant Abigail comes on scene and captures the queen’s affection.

The two women engage in a tactful war for the queen’s admiration, and aim to destroy each other in the process. This insane, scathing look at royal culture is one of the best films of the year.

Olivia Colman is terrific as Queen Anne, and puts on the most wicked performance of the year. If anyone is an Oscars dark horse winner, it’s her.

In supporting roles, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz match wits and go full bore at each other the entire run-time, and their nefarious misdeeds are both horrifying and animated.

It’s a film with top-notch acting and a pitch-black, appalling sensibility about it. Shocking director Yorgos Lanthimos hits the perfect notes.

It’s one of the most shocking films of the year, and it’s truly spectacular.

4.5/5 Stars

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