REVIEW: Replicas copies all the sci-fi before it

Keanu Reeves vehicle Replicas is the first outright terrible film of 2019.

It is so bad, in fact, that it fails to capitalize on any of the new-found good will Reeves had bought back with the John Wick series.

He isn’t acting here: Reeves is a cardboard cut-out of a scientist who must replicate his family after they’re killed in a car crash.

It’s a ludicrous, uneventful snooze-fest that fails to either satisfy sci-fi fans or regular filmgoers.

Replicas should, at this point, prove Keanu Reeves must be given as little to do as possible for his films to work. He needs guns and explosions, and less dialogue.

Jeffrey Nachmanoff — previously responsible for Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie misfire The Tourist — proves he’s capable of writing the worst, most inane scripts in Hollywood.

Every turn is expected and every twist has been done countless times before in better films. By the time the third-act “reveal” comes forth, no one will be paying attention.

It’s the first huge disappointment of 2019, and will surely make it onto the “worst-of” list this year. See literally anything else.

1/5 Stars

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