REVIEW: Carell builds a tone-deaf, implausible world with Marwen

From the prolific director of Forrest Gump and Oscar-nominee Steve Carell comes the most misguided, egregious misfire of the year.

This is a true story about a man — stricken with PTSD after a hate crime against him — who finds solace, love and hope in the world he creates with Marwen.

Mark Hogancamp, famous artist, has since become a staple at photography exhibits for his work shooting Marwen — his fictional town where alter-ego Cap’n Hogie and his band of intelligent women battle against WWII-era Nazis.

Director Robert Zemeckis — known for such animation genius as The Polar Express — creates a magical world within the motion capture setting of Marwen, but it’s his failure to humanize Hogancamp that stands out.

Carell’s character is too weird to be relatable, too creepy to be believable, and too altogether removed from real life to be anything resembling a hero.

Carell may have succeeded with all his magnetism, grace and stark comedic presence, but he may as well have been asked to just shriek and yell like his Anchorman character Brick Tamland for two hours.

A beautiful true story has been done a great disservice here, and perhaps this story, told haphazardly here, was best left off the silver screen.

1.5/5 Stars


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