REVIEW: Poppins Returns re-captures all the classic magic

The beautiful, storied tale of magical nanny Mary Poppins is brought to a new generation with this long-awaited sequel.

Julie Andrews, original star steps aside here to allow for formidable, cheeky star Emily Blunt to step into the famous, magic shoes. Blunt does Mary Poppins justice, in an Oscar-worthy turn.

This is a toe-tapping, smile-inducing delight, and has more moxie than any other film of 2018.

Though the young Banks children have grown into adults, Mary Poppins once again comes to save the day and teach lessons to the flock.

Rob Marshall — best known for Chicago — dazzles and stuns with beautiful dance numbers, and his actors have voices and soundtrack songs that are spellbinding.

Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda provide beautiful performances that are difficult to match.

It’s the feel-good film of the year, and this spoonful of sugar made the end of 2018 movie season go down just right.

4.5/5 Stars

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