REVIEW: Financial flop Robin Hood boasts a rich plot

Robin Hood is one of the most-maligned, hated films of 2018.

Critics and audiences alike have largely ignored it, and yet, it’s one of my biggest surprise hits.

It’s a bit cheesy, with slow-mo action that sometimes isn’t at all contextual. It’s not a perfect film by any means.

Yet director Otto Bathurst brings the same flair here he had when directing episodes of hit TV shows like Peaky Blinders and Black Mirror.

This take on the crusader who takes from the rich and gives to the poor stars Taron Egerton, the man we all know from Kingsman.

Egerton is a smouldering actor with appeal and charm to spare, and he puts the hood on with a joy and gravitas you can’t help but root for.

He’s fantastic and purely enjoyable in this fun ride, and he’s joined by a hammy, self-aware Jamie Foxx in a role equated to that of Little John.

The two have great chemistry, even though not all the jokes in the screenplay stick.

They’re joined by perfectly-cast comedian Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck, Jamie Dornan, the beautiful Eve Hewson, and F. Murray Abraham in a stunning cameo.

But it’s Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn as the Sheriff of Nottingham who shines brightest, and his scenes with Egerton are to be relished.

Suffice it to say, Robin Hood could have been much better. But it also could have been much worse.

This is an enjoyable romp and a boisterous take on a familiar tale. For a rainy Sunday or cheap Tuesday, it serves its purpose and more.

3.5/5 Stars

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