REVIEW: Hannah Grace is no different than Emily Rose

Emily Rose. Hannah Grace. The problem with all these young girls, all these hauntings and all these possession films is after a while, we just can’t tell them apart.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is certainly not a bad horror film by any means, but it adds nothing to an overwrought genre.

With a crucial, entirely enjoyable and satisfying first half hour, I truly felt like this film was going to be a nice little gem. 

It follows a cop — struggling with her own internal demons — who is kicked off the force and, fresh out of rehab, takes a job doing intake at the morgue. She works the graveyard shift, literally, and her only interaction is with corpses.

But when the dead (or undead) body of Hannah Grace — a girl who was subject to an exorcism — ends up in her morgue, things begin to go wrong for worker Megan.

The performances are pretty standard for horror fare. Shay Mitchell screams, squawks about and makes asinine decisions time after time.

There are jump scares and a few thrills to be had for horror junkies, but overall, this will be a dollar-bin find you can pick up at your local pharmacy in six months.

You won’t be missing much if you wait until then to see Hannah Grace.

2/5 Stars

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