REVIEW: Mid90s a nostalgic, amiable little masterpiece


This spectacular little indie, written and directed by funnyman Jonah Hill, provides an emotional and important resonance for anyone who grew up in the 1990’s.

From Street Fighter to the emergence of skateboarding as a serious sport, this film will immediately transport you back to Cobain and The Pixies, and offer you a window into another time.

Sunny Suljic, a young actor who made an impression with The Killing Of A Sacted Deer, gives an indelible performance as young Stevie, who begins to hang with an older, hard-drinking, weed-smoking skate crew.

Yet, these young men have a bond that cannot be broken, and Stevie finds himself a second family that supports him in ways his blood ties don’t.

He has a violent brother, brooding and distant, whose Cypress Hills CD rages from his diskman headphones as he spits venom at his family and verbally berates his mother and younger sibling.

It’s a twisted, difficult relationship that shows a young man desperately seeking a role model, and finding it outside his home.

Hill has created a nostalgic head-trip of a film that is equal parts funny and unbelievable as a time capsule.

The Oscar nominee shows tremendous depth here and his sophomore directorial effort will be one to watch.

Mid90s is a film that hits with a resounding rush and keeps you interested in the emotional core of the film. It’s a successful, mature endeavour I loved.

4/5 Stars

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