BLURAY REVIEW: Incredibles 2 dazzles as much as original

In yet another dazzling film from the Mouse House, The Incredibles return after a 14-year hiatus and provide one of the most action-packed rides of the summer.

With a glossy, gorgeous slip-cover, a DVD, Blu copy and a Digital HD copy, this release has everything we’ve come to expect from Disney releases.

The video quality is bar-none perfect, and is like watching the flick on a theatre screen. The audio is crisp and clear as well, providing a beautiful home experience for the family.

The feature commentary from the animators provides a true inside look into how things came together, and exactly how much work goes into animation.

Collider was absolutely right when they listed Incredibles 2 as a Must-Buy for Christmas.

I for one absolutely loved the Samuel L. Jackson illustrated doc, as he’s one of my all-time favourite actors.

I was a huge fan of the deleted scenes — as it provides a view into what the film may look like, and the shorts were great.

This three disc + Digital HD set was, in a word, incredible.


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