REVIEW: Sharkwater sequel leaves lasting legacy for filmmaker

This sequel to the incredible 2006 documentary comes at a perfect time, and leaves a beautiful time capsule for its director Rob Stewart.

Though he passed during filming, Stewart’s mission goes full-thrust forward as this film about the mistreatment of sharks changes perceptions on the creatures.

Media and pop culture would have humans believe these big, teethy creatures are terrifying and hungry from humans, but in reality, it’s actually the sharks who need saving.

As Stewart travels through Costa Rica and other areas, he shows us the rampant selling of pieces of shark on the market. Shark fin soup is a delicacy, and the animal is being slaughtered for unneeded food.

Stewart sheds light on issues no one knew about, and his death only magnifies that in a world where mortality waits for no one, this is a problem that needs immediate attention.

It’s a beautiful, difficult documentary, but one that will open your eyes about sharks and their perils live never before.

4/5 Stars

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