REVIEW: New Romantic a millenial take on love in the modern age

Writer/director Carly Stone’s debut feature is a whirlwind of wit and frank dialogue from a filmmaker with a strong, vibrant voice.

Her style and raw take on the female experience with romance (or the lack thereof) in modern society is intimately portrayed here.

Jessica Barden, in the lead here, is nothing short of magnificent.

The way she can show vulnerability in one frame and empowerment in the next is so inspiring and believable that I truly felt like I knew our protagonist.

After some great performances in Netflix show The End Of The F***ing World and HBO’s Penny Dreadful, Barden really takes front seat here.

She shows the audience she’s destined for stardom, and I absolutely identified with her young, jaded hopeless romantic character.

This is a film for the ages, and I only wished it had’ve been longer. At a slim 82-minute run-time, the film often felt rushed, sometimes to the detriment of the story.

I really left this film wishing for more. I wish I could have known these characters, and seen Barden’s take, for a little longer.

In the end, with this film, both lead Barden and director Stone show they have what it takes to make their voices heard in the crowded film industry.

Perhaps for a sophomore effort, we’ll get a little more time with the characters Stone takes time to create.

3.5/5 Stars

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