REVIEW: Bigger is good, but not larger than life

This film about the grandfathers of bodybuilding is, above all, a showcase for Tyler Hoechlin’s talent.

The handsome actor has been a bit pigeon-hold on television in roles on shows Teen Wolf and 7th Heaven.

However, this interesting film evokes memories of his child-actor debut in Tom Hanks mob drama Road To Perdition. He carries the film, and it’s nice to see him given a chance.

Julianne Hough is characteristically charismatic, and with some well-rounded performances from Colton Haynes, Tom Arnold, and Robert Forster, we’re given a film with interesting subject matter.

The story of two brothers who battle poverty and anti-Semitism to reach new heights in the industry is a good one, but like some biopics, fails to find its footing as a full-length, engaging feature.

It’s a good, involving endeavour, but Bigger doesn’t envelope the screen quite like it should. Kudos, however, to Hoechlin, who’s the best he’s been in years here.

3/5 Stars

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