REVIEW: Simple Favor weaves complex, twisted web

A Simple Favor is one of the most devilishly inviting films of the year, chalk full of quotable lines and incredible twists.

It dares you to laugh at the pitch-black nature of it all, and director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) infuses the film with the humour he’s known for, while letting the lead actresses grab the spotlight.

It’s a grand film on his part, and a departure that will be talked about all year.

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a struggling single mom until she meets carefree, vulgar powerhouse Emily (Blake Lively, in a showstopping role), who commands the business world and never holds her tongue.

Stephanie begins to emulate her wayward friend, and when Emily goes missing, she finds herself in over her head. As it turns out, Emily wasn’t the woman she pretending she was.

Anna Kendrick is reliably fantastic here, but I’ll say right now that Blake Lively gives a Supporting Actress Oscar-worthy turn here. Anyone who doesn’t see it is still refusing to take her seriously.

It’s a career-best film for Kendrick, Lively and director Feig, and it’s one full of twists, intrigue and jokes you’ll feel awful for laughing at.

A Simple Favor is an elegant film with a dark underbelly, and it’s gleefully satirical of relationships and parenthood.

It’s a truly adult film, but one you’ll thoroughly enjoy, if you know you’re getting into a more cheery, seedy version of Gone Girl.

One of the year’s very best.

4.5/5 Stars

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