REVIEW: Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 a searing look at American politics

As the sad box-office numbers for Michael Moore’s latest political documentary come in, it saddens me.

Maybe it’s Trump fatigue — a depressed population doing their best to forget their mistake — but if there’s any time to listen up when Moore discusses America’s pompous leader, it’s now.

Americans elected him, and Michael Moore is holding everyone between Gwen Stefani and himself responsible for it.

Fahrenheit is the type of film you’ll want to look away from, lest you grit your teeth and have ‘Nam flashbacks of the day America shot themselves in the foot.

But this portrayal of Republican misdeeds, bias, the fortunes of Flint, Michigan and the predicament Trump, and the people, have put Americans in, is worth the watch.

It’s not hard to realize from the review that a trans-hating, racist, body-part-grabbing president is not someone I respect.

But if so many of you feel like me, and God help me if you don’t, you need to grin and bear it, and listen to Moore now, so the same mistakes won’t be repeating next election.

This is a searing, reflective documentary, and is Moore’s best work since Bowling For Columbine.

4/5 Stars

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