FIN REVIEW: Through Black Spruce a beautiful, difficult piece

Through Black Spruce presents the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous in a calculated, dramatic fashion.

A woman goes on a journey to find her lookalike sister, who disappeared without a trace in Toronto.

At the same time, her uncle deals with the repercussions of his missing niece and her boyfriend, a drug dealer whose henchmen make sure the family doesn’t have an easy time.

From Don McKellar, the man behind the Grand Seduction, this is an intimate, grounded portrayal of an incredibly timely subject.

The film is poignant and dramatic — while never straying into the dreaded doldrums of melodrama.

With moving performances from Tanya Beatty and Brandon Oakes, the film is constantly engaging and consistently interesting.

It was a pitch-perfect way to end the festival, and it’s a great look into one of the largest, unsung issues facing our country.

4/5 Stars

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