FIN REVIEW: Silver Lake a ton of shimmer and no real substance

This modern noir story of an intelligent, aimless 30-something who goes on the hunt to locate a missing woman he met by chance is flush with character.

The only problem is the film spends more time trying to look breezy and self-assured that it forgets to actually have crucial elements of a film contained inside it.

An actual plot and an ending that ties up loose ends are among the things Silver Lake neglects.

Andrew Garfield is certainly game here, and it’s nice to see him out of the Spidey suit, but he can’t quite web-sling this mess together, even in a loosely convoluted fashion.

The rest of the principal actors, including Topher Grace, Riley Keough and Sydney Sweeney, are thrown to the wind with little actual time to make any sort of impact.

One thing David Robert Mitchell does well is find the serene in the mundane, and he lifts a moody atmosphere into a surreal experience.

I just wish he could back up his fancing footing with a little bit of finish.

Then, my friends, we might have had a real treasure on our hands.

2/5 Stars

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