REVIEW: Fruit Machine searing portrayal of military LGBTQ discrimination

A harsh look at the federal military system in Canada and the gay purge that began in the 1940s outlines The Fruit Machine.

The film has come out following a June 2018 ruling that reconciliation and remembrance measures will take place following the decades-long discrimination, investigations and firings of suspected LGBTQ+ military members.

A number of military workers and federal workers were discriminated against for years as part of regulations that were in place from WWII and continued on.

Sarah Fodey — whose engrossing writing and steady direction makes this doc a must-see — handles the delicate material with grace.

The men and women interviewed are open and candid the entire time, and their struggle is personified into one giant national shame.

The Fruit Machine is an affecting film about one of the most despicable things done in Canadian history.

To see and hear the stories, and feel for the people whose struggle are broadcast for all here, is incredible.

It’s a tearjerker and an absolute gem of a film. It left me weeping, and I can’t believe just how amazing this documentary was.

4/5 Stars

One response to “REVIEW: Fruit Machine searing portrayal of military LGBTQ discrimination”

  1. Hey Reel Pride screens The Fruit Machine October 9 at 9pm. Sarah FODEY will be in attendance and do a Q and A after.
    BTW I promoted this film and Sarah’s Q&A in my in studio live radio interview this morning on CBC Weekend Show.
    I reviewed the 30min. TVO panel on October 3.
    Jim, Sarah and Patti do have real facts we need to know as Canadians about the officials caring out this criminal purge almost to the end of the last century.
    Plz let friends know.
    Ron Lambert, board member
    Reel Pride Find Festival


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