FIN REVIEW: Kitchen (R)evolution doesn’t bring enough heat

When you make a documentary about the volatile kitchen environment, sexism in the workplace and the difficulties woman face fitting in, there’s no shortage of raw content.

And yet, the film felt like an ideal idea completely undercooked, with little conflict, tension or even inspiration within the run-time.

Only half of the seven highly successful female chefs are at all interesting to follow around. Though their achievements are quite impressive, that doesn’t make them fun characters.

The discussions on gender inequality, and the ambivalent nature of the environments where our food is cooked are interesting.

But as the same message is wrought over and over with little expansion or further discussion, Maya Gallus’s film takes no twists or turns.

It’s an important topic that made for a pretty boring documentary. Here’s to hoping for a spiritual duplicate with a bit more bite.

2/5 Stars

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