FIN REVIEW: Happy Prince is Everett’s magnus opus

Rupert Everett’s career has been a series of unfortunate — and undeserved — events.

When the actor, born and bred for leading man stardom, came out as gay, suddenly the roles dried up and Everett became but a footnote in the Hollywood lexicon.

He has acted in his time since his 90’s heyday, but in supporting, gregarious roles like his turn in Claire Danes drama Stage Beauty.

With his Oscar Wilde passion project, The Happy Prince, Everett pulls triple duty as director-writer-star, and creates his own masterpiece.

He’s a marvel and nearly unrecognizable as the exasperated and sporadically bawdy Wilde. It’s the role of a lifetime, and Everett knows it.

He transforms himself and brings the whole audience on the ride with him. Colin Firth is but a footnote in Everett’s fantastic film, not because he isn’t good, but because Everett is so larger-than-life that he outshines everyone.

Look for an Oscar nomination for Everett and some high praise.

5/5 Stars

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