FIN REVIEW: Dark, difficult Dead Women Walking a dramatic, uneven showcase

This deeply human portrayal of a group of women on death row facing the last moments of their lives is a true actress showcase, but it doesn’t all add up.

The series of vignettes are all engaging and interesting in unique ways, but some crackle on screen more than others.

Hagar Ben-Asher has constructed an affecting number of shorts that lead to a touching whole, but the sum of the parts isn’t top-tier.

However, if you want to see a group of women absolutely own their roles, this is a film to see.

June Carryl, Maya Lynne Robinson and especially Joy Nash are all magnificent and convincing in their roles, and they own the screen.

But no one here has anything on Dot-Marie Jones, nominated for three Emmys for her time on Glee. She’s easily the best performer in the entire film, and displays a strength we haven’t seen from her in years.

It’s not the best film from a technical or screenplay standpoint, but Ben-Asher does display a talent for getting the best out of performers.

That is a talent that cannot be dismissed in this film landscape.

3.5/5 Stars

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