FIN REVIEW: What They Had an emotional journey depicting dementia

One of the year’s best films comes in the form of a family drama about dementia, family dysfunction, and the need to know when it’s time for a change.

When Bridget returns home during a family emergency, she discovers her mother’s dementia has crept further forward than she realized.

Pushed by her bully brother Nick, and dealing with her emotionally detached daughter Emma, she struggles to decide what’s right for her aging father and mother.

Hilary Swank returns to the screen in her first major film lead since 2014’s disappointing The Homesman.

She does a fantastic job, but it’s the thespians around her that really shine.

Michael Shannon does his best work ever as the gruff, begrudging brother with a chip on his shoulder, ever tired of taking care of a father and mother who don’t heed his advice.

Robert Forster does his best work since Jackie Brown as a man who believes in commitment at all costs and refuses to put his wife in a home, despite her condition.

Finally, Blythe Danner is absolutely incredible, and could very well win a Supporting Actress Oscar this year.

One of the most emotional films of the year that will resonate with you, I promise.

4.5/5 Stars

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