FIN REVIEW: Just Be Gemma shows human side of transitioning

This documentary, from director/writer/producer Peter Walsh, follows Gemma Hickey’s journey as they transition into a proud trans person.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster and Hickey doesn’t hold back in being authentic about their struggles and difficulties with the changes.

As we see Hickey coming out and dealing with family, taking testosterone, overcoming relationship issues and becoming an advocate, we as an audience fall in love with them.

Gemma co-led the movement to legalize same-sex marriage in Canada and founded Pathways, which offers support to survivors of clergy sexual abuse.

This is an intimate portrayal of their journey and a look into one life that can be mirrored for the experiences of many trans people in our society today.

As I viewed this film, I realized how much I, as a queer man, identified with the struggles and the wants and needs Gemma had.

Acceptance so so crucial, and this documentary shows there’s a need for it now more than ever.

It will leave you bawling, and make you feel things you never thought possible for a human being you never met.

Gemma is on full display here, and you’re going to absolutely root for them on their journey just to be themselves.

4/5 Stars

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