FIN REVIEW: Incredible Violence an iconic debut from Condon

G. Patrick Condon’s debut feature may just be the most meta, ironic and interesting film I’ve seen in the fest so far.

It delves deep into the mind of Condon — who plays himself as a director who blew all the money to finance his movie — and now has to find a way to make a slasher flick with no budget.

He decides to lure a number of actors to a country home by offering them hopes of movie stardom, then plots to kill his cast members himself and film it to make a movie.

The results are bizarre, totally twisted and funny as hell. This is not a politically correct film, but it’s one that will be so much fun if you buy into the concept.

It skewers film and genre culture and it’s obvious Condon has an endless imagination, so I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next.

4/5 Stars

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