FIN REVIEW: Creepy Crawling delivers on its spine-tingling title promise

This hide-and-seek thriller is a twisted little indie film, and I’m so proud knowing it was a local crew and cast involved.

Part of FIN’s Cinema 902 program, Creepy Crawling is about a teenager — friendless and aimless — who moves with his father and has trouble fitting in at his new school.

After being pranked one night by a group of misfit teens, he befriends them and gets caught in their web of deceit, games and tribulations.

This is a self-assured, tonally-perfect film from director Chelsea Comeau, and the script from Dillon Garland crackles.

The plot thickens by the minute, and it takes the viewer places that could never be expected.

Lead Nick Piovesan is serviceable and believable as his character changes, and this film is grand to watch, with some fantastic camera work.

I’m going to tell you next to nothing about the plot, because that’s how much I knew going in.

Let me tell you that Creepy Crawling is an atmospheric, wild film best served with zero expectations.

Get ready for the ride of your life, and if it comes to a theatre near you, you truly can’t miss out.

4.5/5 Stars

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