FIN REVIEW: Assassination Nation a sadistic excuse for entertainment

This is supposed to be a film — trigger warning included — about sexism, feminism, the dangers of social media and mob mentality.

But instead of being a social commentary, it’s a self-indulgent mess with no conscience whatsoever.

Director-writer Sam Levinson, son of the famous director Barry and director of 2011 film Another Happy Day, finds a certain glee in torture, rape, violence and the merciless nature of it all.

But with no emotional core, zero character development and no method to the madness, the film’s themes land with a thunderous thud.

The only worthwhile thing in the film is the performances from Odessa Young, and especially Hari Nef as an out trans girl struggling to fit in.

However, more well-known performers Bella Thorne, Joel McHale and Bill Skarsgard are all so bad in this movie that their work borders on parody.

It’s a film without a compass or morals, and it delivers on the blood and disgusting scenes the trailer promises.

But at the end of all of it, I felt dirty.

With no message and no direction, Assassination Nation becomes a glorification of the very things it sets out to condemn.

1/5 Stars

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