FIN REVIEW: Aliens With Knives a mixed bag satire

This biting satire offers a unique look on the alien invaders genre, it’s a bit too silly at times.

A woman bearing a child and her husband stay at a remote cabin while she deals with the tumultuous pregnancy, but they soon realize they are not alone.

Aliens With Knives is sporadically hilarious, and skewers the sub-genre with delight and glee.

This dopey film about aliens who know nothing of earth and fail miserably at invading is an honest-to-God good time.

There are maniacal, laugh out loud moments that will have you heaving.

Co-directors Nicole Steeves and Struan Sutherland obviously have talent — and they had a vision here — but it just wasn’t my type of movie.

It was tonally all over the place, and though I could see where it was going, I couldn’t stay invested.

However, the deadpan performances from Holly Stevens and Bill Corkum are ones to treasure.

Aliens With Knives delivers on its concept, but perhaps goes a little too far into farce territory.

I didn’t ever love the gleefully Ed Wood-ish Mars Attacks, and maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy the stylings of this flick as much as I could have.

But if you like your comedy-thrillers served up with a high dose of ridiculousness, this is one to check out.

Just because it didn’t totally work for me doesn’t mean it won’t reach other audiences without any trouble.

2/5 Stars

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